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Creators of the original Singing Tesla Coils, the crew of ArcAttack uses their high tech wizardry to generate a truly 'electrifying' performance. Two custom engineered hand built Tesla Coils throw out electrical arcs up to twelve feet long, each one acting as an instrument with a sound reminiscent of the early days of the synthesizer. A robotic drum set accompanies the spectacle, it's high power LED's flashing bright colors with the stroke of each mechanically actuated stick, while ArcAttack's six members churn out rhythmic instrumental melodies. Live instruments meet drum loops and samples to produce rock, electronica and indie with a splash of punk and a dash of metal served with a side of pop. During the show, the MC engages both the crowd and the Tesla Coils by walking through ½ Million Volt sparks wearing the relatively thin layer of his chain mail Faraday suit. This high power performance is unique in it's elements and energy, being at the same time mesmerizing and energetically thrilling.




ArcAttack is all about putting on a show that is not just a concert, but an otherworldly experience. In doing so with the technology that we've created, we hope to inspire minds, the young and the old, to take up an interest in science, the arts, and their applications, to examine where they intersect, where they are going, and to re-examine the works of past researchers and performers such as Nikola Tesla and Delia Derbyshire in light of the ever evolving face of this amazing world. Maybe they'll have as much fun as we have. But either way, we want them all to enjoy the show, and maybe, just maybe, be inspired to help to leave the world a little better than the way they found it.




ArcAttack offers a comprehensive, curriculum based 60 minute school time show for children that meet National Science Education Standards. The group strives to be a leader in educational entertainment inspiring students across the world to pursue their interest in physics,

mathematics, chemistry and engineering. 


In a show unlike anything students have ever seen, ArcAttack will take classrooms on an interactive journey of discovery where children will learn the science behind the amazing show they see on stage.  Students will learn about Nikola Tesla and his contributions to the birth of commercial electricity, discover Delia Derbyshire and how music and technology are related, develop an understanding of machines and robotics, have a chance to talk to the cast of ArcAttack in a wonderful Q&A session and explore the world of science and technology in a way unlike they've ever experienced in this completely safe (for the audience anyway!), and accessible show.


 Each member of ArcAttack has a deep and thorough knowledge of science and technology. The ensemble, led by an engineer, an electrician, an audio engineer and a science teacher create everything students see on stage from scratch in the ArcAttack workshop.  The material is presented in a completely accessible and interactive manner that's guaranteed to keep students talking well beyond the end of the show. The experiments and materials outlined in the comprehensive study guide have been vetted by the teachers and professors that work closely with ArcAttack in their native Austin, Texas.   In an era where science is no longer deemed "sexy" and too often found to be "boring" there finally is a show that not only teaches students the fundamentals of science and technology but also sparks their imagination, gets them excited about learning and makes them leap off their feet screaming for more!



ArcAttack and David Blaine