Under the Tangle


Tangle_postcard_V4_front_no_bleed-1_854xVisually vibrant, Under the Tangle tells the story of a young orphaned girl lost in a mysterious wooded labyrinth. Throughout her journey, she twists along the maze finding numerous clues and meeting many unusual characters; a flock of whispering black birds, daunting labyrinth guards, and The Queen of the Lost who lives in the forbidding tower.

Under the Tangle, geared towards ages 8+, is an adventurous tale filled with obstacles, relationships, and discoveries, which strengthen the heroine’s sense of self, helping her to discover her path throughout the tangled and brambling maze. Under the Tangle is a performance must-see to be enjoyed and delighted by the adventurer in us all.

tangle_1_400xConceived and Choreographed by
Emily Bunning

Costumes by Patti Gilstrap
Set by Ioannis Sochorakis
Lighting by Dan Ozminkowski
Original Sound Score by Martyn Axe

Running Time: 50 Minutes
Number of Performers: 5

What Teachers Are Saying

“Our students enjoyed the show and remained engaged throughout. They were able to engage through their imagination and had to actively think about what was happening instead of having it fed to them.”
–Teacher from P.S. 111 (4th Grade students.)

“The students enjoyed the show and were able to follow the storyline through the combination of dance, sound and words. Many of these students had never been exposed to modern dance before so the exposure was very beneficial.”
–Emma Clerihew, P.S. 111 (4th Grade students)


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